International residencies

MeetFactory, Prague (Czech Republic):

Vasylyna Buryanyk

Lina Romanukha

Natalia Kushnir

Alina Panasenko – couldn´t participate. Substitute: Bohdana Zaiats

Habarenarte / Planta Alta, Madrid (Spain)

Mariia Yarchuk

Sasha Kurmaz

KAIR / Košice Artist in Residence, Košice (Slovakia)

Olena Pronkina

Valery Lysenko

Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Vitaliy Agapeev (Asortymentna Kimnata)

duo Marharyta Zhurunova and Bohdan Lokatyr (Asortymentna Kimnata)

Luka Basov (Sorry no Rooms Available)

Ereh Saw (Khaschi)


Open Call for fully-funded residencies aimed to help professionals from Ukraine working in the field of contemporary visual arts.


  1. MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic
  2. hablarenarte / Planta Alta, Madrid, Spain
  3. KAIR, Košice, Slovakia
  4. Visual Culture Research Center, Ukraine


Within the framework of an international project supported by the Creative Europe programme, we would like to invite 12professionals working in the field of contemporary visual arts to spend quality time in conditions that allow them to develop their practice.

The goal of this call is to support art practices that are often the result of a process of research or that lack institutional or commercial support. These residency opportunities should be seen as a space where artists are being provided with favourable conditions (accommodation, studio, and fees) in unstable times. However, there is no requirement to produce new work during the residency. This call is also aimed at helping artists to connect with new audiences and local art scenes.

We see the emergency residencies as a response to the current situation in Ukraine.

This project has been designed to support artistic communities from all over the country as well as those Ukrainian or previously Ukrainian-based practitioners that have had to relocate to other locations due to the Russian invasion.


General Eligibility

Ukrainian artists, curators, critics, mediators, educators, researchers, etc. or people of other nationalities based in Ukraine before the 24th of February 2022.

Professionals with a sustained practice in the field of contemporary visual arts or related areas.

There is no age limit.


Documents to Present

CV specifying the details of an artistic career

Portfolio (max 10MB) where the candidate’s interests and research topics are clear

Short description of the current situation a nda statement of interest (max 300 words)

Selection Process

The selection committee will consist ofrepresentatives of each participating institution: Lucia Kvočáková (MeetFactory), Piotr Sikora (MeetFactory), Flavia Introzzi (hablarenarte), EmmaBrasó (hablarenarte), Petra Housková (KAIR), Tatiana Takáčová (KAIR), SergeKlymko (VCRC), Vasyl Cherepanyn (VCRC).

The residents will be selected according totheir alignment with the research interests of each hosting institution, as well as to their emergency situation.


General Obligations for Residents

Make sure you are able to spend at least 80%of your residency time at the chosen residency location. 


Selection results will be announced on the16th of September 2022 at the latest.


Contact for Questions

MeetFactory: lucia.kvocakova@meetfactory.cz, piotr.sikora@meetfactory.cz

You can apply HERE.





  • 2 months residency
  • Residency fee (700 EUR/month)
  • Production budget up to 200 EUR
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment in the city center or in the apartment directly in MeetFactory
  • Studio space

The residency also offers:

  • Curatorial support
  • Connection with the local cultural scene
  • Connection and collaboration with local communities
  • Production and PR support


  • 1st of October to 30th of November 2022, 4 slots 

MeetFactory is a non-profit international center for contemporary art. Our mission is to foster a dialogue between individual genres and make current developments on the art scene accessible to the broadest public. We aim to create a space in which art is alive and artists are present, enhancing a direct exchange between international artists and visitors and between different fields and generations. The program ofMeetFactory consists of four dramaturgic departments - music, theatre, gallery ,and the artist-in-residence program which is the largest studio program in theCzech Republic. MeetFactory hosts annually over thirty visual artists and curators. We foster the involvement of our artists in residence not only within the programming of MeetFactory, but also in the context of the Czech andCentral European art scenes.




  • 2 months residency
  • Residency fee (1000 EUR/month)
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment in the city centre
  • Studio space depending on needs / artistic practice of candidate
  • Production costs (up to 500 EUR per person)

The residency also offers:

  • Curatorial support
  • Contact with the local art scene
  • Connection and collaboration with local communities
  • PR support


  • from 20th October to 20th of December 2022, 1slot 
  • from 9th January to 5th March 2023, 1 slot

Specific requirements from candidates:

  • Health insurance for the whole period of the residency
  • Good command of English or Spanish

Planta Alta is an artistic and research residency space curated and managed by the cultural association hablarenarte. Located in the city of Madrid, it is a project permeable to independent initiatives, cultural institutions, and artistic agents, both local and foreign ones. Starting from specific working interests, experiences, and possibilities, Planta Alta proposes a transdisciplinary program that goes beyond artistic practice, building relations, and affective networks.


Current lines of work:

New Institutionalism hablarenarte understands itself as an in/inter/dependent cultural platform, inserted in a broader ecosystem in which small, medium and large-scale agents operate, and where an open, careful, permeable, recursive and redistributive institutionality is at play. In the face of the genealogies of neoliberalism and its vision of society as a hierarchical knot of contracts, hablarenarte seeks to rethink the role of (cultural)institutions in society, practicing feminist and associative frameworks and promoting equalitarian social relations.

Art and education hablarenarte works on the intersection of art and education as a suitable space for meeting, learning, critisizing and enjoying. In the areas of formal education as well as in non-formal settings, artistic education and cultural mediation make art a common resource through which to reinvent desirable ways of living and world creating.

Care and ways of living 

Taking as a starting point the deep multi-facet crisis surrounding us, hablarenarte seeks to build through its doing, its projects and residences, alternative modes of interacting based on common support structures and sustainable ways of working that put life in the center.

Old age and childhood

Resisting the dominant productivist and adult-centric paradigm, hablarenarte considers the urgent need to defend inclusive societies capable of relating, listening and empowering varied subjectivities, in particular those of children and old people. Cultural spaces must, in our opinion, be privileged laboratories in which to test forms of intergenerational justice.


3 — KAIR/ Košice Artist in Residence, Slovakia



  • 2 months residency
  • Residency fee (700 EUR/month per person)
  • Production costs 200 EUR per person
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment
  • Studio space
  • The residency also offers:
  • Curatorial support
  • Connection with the local cultural scene
  • Connection and collaboration with local communities
  • Production and PR support


  • the 9th of January - the 5th of March 2023, 2slots


Specific requirements from candidates:

  • Good command of English


KošiceArtist in Residence is an international residency program for artists from allover the world and all artistic disciplines and expressions. KAIR stronglyfocuses on creating international cooperation between Slovak and foreignartists and art organizations. Since 2011, artists have had the chance to workin the inspiring environment of Košice’s singular cultural surroundings,realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene, and present themselves to the local and national public. In recent years the residency program has focused on connecting individuals and sharing the responsibility to the world during a common global crisis (environmental, political, economic, social, etc.). The program aims not only to analyse the current situation butto look critically at its consequences and the near and distant future. KAIRalso provides opportunities for Slovak artists to travel for residencies in cooperation with its partners. The residency program offers two separate studios approx. 20 m2 in size, suitable for visual artists, and they are connected to the Šopa Gallery, where the residency activities in Košice will take place.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KosiceArtistInResidence


IG: https://www.instagram.com/kair.residency/


4 — Visual Culture Research Center, Ukraine


VCRCProvides 4 residential slots in the 3 art residencies in Ukraine:

  •  Sorry No Rooms Available (Uzhhorod, Ukraine)
  • Asortymentna Kimnata (Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine)
  • ХAЩI (Kyiv, Ukraine)


  • Residency fee (15000 UAH per month)
  • Accomodation
  • Studio space


  • the 1st of September - the 30th of October2022, 4 slots


There are three possible locations:


Sorry No Rooms Available (Uzhhorod,Ukraine)

Sorry No Rooms Available is an international contemporary art residency that creates conditions for artistic practice embedded in the artistic and cultural environment of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia. In return, residents commit to the production of a contextual project/exhibition in the city of Uzhhorod or in the surrounding region, as well as their choice of an artist talk, lecture/workshop, etc. Since April 1,2016, it has been operating at the Intourist-Zakarpattya Hotel in Uzhhorod.


As an artistic initiative, the residency encourages participants to put their work in dialogue with the place, theregion’s cultural heritage, and its rich and complex history. Artists will have the opportunity to integrate themselves into the local art scene. Residents should note that Transcarpathia is the westernmost region in Ukraine, and a space where many different nationalities and communities live. The experience of this kind of multinational periphery encourages artists to seek new forms for contemporary art initiatives and practices.




Asortymentna Kimnata (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)


  • mountain location (Khata-Maysternya space)
  • city ​​location (Asortymentna kimnata project space)


Asortymentna kimnata is a project space of supporting formats and models for the development of contemporary art in a small city. Founded in Ivano-Frankivsk in 2018, Asortymentna has been working to strengthen the local art scene, and since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, doing the art evacuation program and residency program.


Asortymentna kimnata has several options for joining the residency program:


1) Research urban residency for cultural journalists, art critics, artists and curators. This residency involves researching the cultural and artistic process of Ivano-Frankivsk and has the option of publishing the results in the local art media post ipreza. It also provides a space for work in the city center.

2) Residency in the CarpathianMountains on the basis of the space of the Khata-Maysternya. This residency invites artists of various media and curators interested in working with rural areas to participate.




ХAЩI (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Khashi [Хащі] is interdisciplinary space for music, performative arts and urban ecosystems research which emerged in 2015.It is a laboratory of a kind, a dynamic network of practices experimenting withways in which groups can coexist – functions as a point where various counter-dominant social forms overlap: subcultural musical and artistic movements, queer fashion, botany communities, activist groups, contemporary art and construction workers.


Located in the central Kyiv area, it occupies an abandoned street, transforming it to a park with a summer stage, open cinema and public space, designed to absorb the big city pressure. Here, ecosystems are understood not simply as a (dis)harmonious natural system, but rather as an ecology of practices – a network of connections between human initiatives and the environment, interactions between leaves and insects, fresh air and people,- botanists caring for local flora, vibrations from noise concerts and populations of weevils, geological processes and cultural community. The project pursues the objective of inventing alternative, less repressive forms of coexistence.


In the course of the residency, the preference will be given to experimental music, performative art and interdisciplinary projects.