Project Other Edges deals with the decolonization of power structures behind the center/periphery dichotomy. We propose to take a closer look at terms such as "local" and "central" and find out their meaning in the post-pandemic European conditions. Enhancing a network of independent NGOs operating in the field of contemporary art, the project is going to provide a platform for in-depth artistic research. A group of 12 visual artists selected in a sensible and inclusive open call will conduct two types of residencies: first reacts to actual war conditions caused by full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine and provides Emergency residencies for artists and cultural professionals from Ukraine and second are international residencies for artists from four partner countries - Czechia, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine. Consequently, artists are going to develop in-progress works proposing new metaphors helpful in describing what kind of future can we imagine in these turbulent and cruel times. The artistic endeavor is going to be based on the notion of locality, peripheries, the better and less known parts of Europe. Our scope is to find a way to build a dialogue which is going to elevate what stays out of the centre and help us reconstruct the centre itself.

The Other Edges project delineates the way for a journey from the so-called peripheries toward the so-called centers, starting from the stereotypical understanding of what is rural, forgotten, and underrepresented and deconstruct the destination point of this trip. It is our task to articulate a world that is going to be open toward climate challenges and ready to fight imperialistic, nationalistic, and anti-democratic tendencies.



MeetFactory is a non-profit international center for contemporary art. The program of MeetFactory consists in four dramaturgic departments - music, theatre, gallery and the artist-in-residence program. The international Artist-in-Residence program, who is the leader of the project, is the largest studio program in the Czech Republic and annually host over thirty visual artists, curators. We foster the involvement of our artists in residence not only within the programming of MeetFactory, but also in the context of the Czech and Central European art scenes.



International artist-in-residence program K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence was implemented in 2011 as one of the key projects within the frame of “European Capital of Culture” by the NGO “Kosice 2013”. After the European Capital of Culture year, the NGO transformed to Creative Industry Košice, an organization, where K.A.I.R. had stable ground to develop the international activities and network of partners. In 2016, KAIR became an independent association.


Visual Culture Reasearch Center

Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC, Kyiv) was founded in 2008 as a platform for collaboration between academic, artistic, and activist communities. VCRC is an independent initiative, which is engaged in publishing and artistic activities, scientific research, organization of public lectures, discussions, and conferences. VCRC has received the European Cultural Foundation’s Princess Margriet Award for Culture in 2015, and the Igor Zabel Award Grant for Culture and Theory 2018. Visual Culture Research Center is an organizer of Kyiv Biennial since 2015.



hablarenarte is an independent platform for projects that works to support the creation, publicizing dissemination and promotion of contempsorary culture. hablarenarte It always develops its projects in collaboration with public and private institutions and cultural agents interested in welcoming and supporting its proposals. They currently have Planta Alta, a residency space in Madrid where we host various artistic and curatorial research programs.